Castle Subaru is honored to announce the partnership with the Portage Police Department by sponsoring the new K9 addition, Odin. Odin is a 1 – ½ year old Black Lab who specializes in drug sniffing and tracking. Labradors are known to be exceptional breeds for K9 units due to their incredible sense of smell. Labs have strong legs and shoulder and are known to be fast runners and they thrive on being able to learn, train and exercise which is a perfect combination for police.

Law enforcement’s utilize police dogs to perform complicated tasks that are required such as apprehension, detection, search, and rescue. Police dogs go through extensive training programs to obtain these special abilities in order to become a part of the K9 Unit. These trained dogs go through a number of certifications in order to even be eligible to become a part of the K9 Unit.

Adding a K9 to a unit can cost quite a bit due to training and supplies required. However, an investment to keep our community safe is a priority at Castle Subaru. The Portage K9 Unit used the Castle Subaru lot in Portage, Indiana to perform some training on our wholesale vehicles in order to practice sniffing and tracking.

Being able to contribute in some way to keeping our communities safe has been a great experience for Castle Subaru and we look forward to working with the K9 Unit in the future. For further questions on our involvement with the K9 Portage Police Unit feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries.


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