Castle Mitsubishi and Castle Subaru is honored to have participated in National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D) to honor the men and women that serve our communities and keep our neighborhoods safe. From January 1st to January 31st every Subaru car and Mitsubishi car sold Castle Automotive donated a portion of each sale to both the Portage Police Department and the Hobart Police Department. Not only does Castle Subaru and Castle Mitsubishi honor our law enforcement during the month of January, but we also offer special discounts to active and retired police officers, military, firefighters, and teachers all year round.


Founded in 2015, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a mission to recognize the bravery, courage, honor, and integrity shown by our community’s law enforcement officers every day. Many organizations nationwide have joined forces to show their support to spread encouragement and respect to the dedicated men and women. While we have shown our support one way you can also continue to support your local law enforcement by shining a blue light from your home or posting a story about a positive law enforcement experience.

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